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Planning to Outcomes

I'm all about making change happen! With more than 25 year’s experience working with corporates across diverse industries I'm confident operating in complex and challenging environments moving organisations and people from strategy and planning to action and outcomes.

Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to embrace change whilst others avoid or move away from it? It is all about how we choose to think ie the thinking comes first and then we respond.  

How we choose to think and respond is what we believe to be true based on our own beliefs, values, experiences and knowledge. This is why no two people are exactly alike and why change can be challenging!

"we don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we are" Anais Nin

I believe there is no 'one size fits all' method or approach for implementing successful change but rather a wholistic approach across culture and processes incorporating best practice tools and models from various methods.

I coach and work with leaders and managers to build change capability, so they can confidently lead change in today’s busy and challenging environments where nothing is slowing down, and everything appears to be getting faster.  

Now more than ever we need leaders who have the courage, curiosity and creativity to transition their people and the organisations they work for through change. 


“I was looking for someone whom I could bring into a complex transformational project, as a change expert as well as a coach and project lead. Amanda was recommended to me by someone who had worked with her previously and I am not disappointed. In a relatively short period of time, she has trained, coached and set up a change team, developed a comprehensive program of change activity and implemented some key communications to stakeholders. Her ability to actively listen, quickly establish relationships of trust and offer pragmatic solutions has been a godsend. I’d happily recommend Amanda to anyone.”

Colleen Atkinson
General Manager Marketing & Communications
Local Government

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