Reset Your Impact

Work with me for half a day!

This once off master coaching session will help you to RESET your focus maximising your impact for change.  You will leave with a roadmap to navigate you forward and clarity on what it is you are seeking with a new unfounded level of awareness and self-assurance.

You may have been feeling unsettled 

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Amplify Your Thinking

Are you wanting to increase your influence and visibility, have more engaging and effective conversations or create more time in your day. 

As a leader are you looking to be more innovative and creative in finding solutions to problems or improve your communication skills.


Are you looking for a change but not sure what you want to do or where to start.

Learn to think bigger, better and faster as you develop new strategies and tools underpinned by the latest in brain science to achieve results.  


Work with me to challenge and change the way you think to quickly move from planning to action.

Learn how to expand your mind and focus your attention on what is important to increase your personal levels of productivity and satisfaction.

"you don't have to see the whole staircase before you take the first step"

Albert Einstein


A true professional who challenged, inspired and motivated me to evolve in both my professional and personal life. I had the pleasure of working with Amanda at City of Adelaide, where she led the team through an Organisational Culture Change program, and when the assignment came to an end, I knew there was much more I wanted and needed to learn from her. Not long thereafter, I met with Amanda one on one and worked through the ‘Fit Mind’ coaching program. Amanda’s personable nature and ability to deliver thought provoking questions in a style tailored to me was comforting and enabled me to truly get the most out of my sessions. Amanda increased my levels of self-confidence, resilience and aided me to achieve personal, professional and lifestyle goals in 5 short months. As a mentee, Amanda earns my highest recommendation.

Stacey Evreniadis
Marketing Specialist
Local Government

0421 118 518

167 Flinders St
Adelaide, 5000

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