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Individual Coaching

Reset Your Impact
3 Sessions Professional Coaching 

Sometimes all we need is a gentle nudge in a new direction with a different perspective and a good dose of sense making to navigate your way out of the overwhelm and chaos.

You will leave with a whole lot of new ideas and insights to help navigate your way forward towards the outcomes you are seeking.

These coaching sessions will reset your path ahead and get you grounded with a new level of self-awareness and sense of assurance.


Who is this for?


  • Need a new perspective on a current situation to get you unstuck and back in control.

  • Leaders who are wanting to create more impact at work and increase their presence.

  • Dealing with or starting a complex project or task and need to scope out a plan or approach.

  • Launching or need to explore new business opportunities and or services.

  • Feeling unsettled or frustrated with work or career and want to explore what's next.

  • Anyone feeling uncertain about the future and wants to map out a path ahead. 

Duration:      3 x 1 hour sessions or a total of 3 hours coaching

Explore Your Potential
6 Sessions Professional Coaching Program 

This is a transformational coaching program where we take a deep dive into how your thinking, behaviour and habits are impacting the outcomes, growth and development you are seeking to achieve.


Over 6 sessions you will learn how to harness a new level of learning influencing your creativity, decision making, productivity and presence at work and in life. 

Take the path of learning and self-discovery


Coaching isn’t about presenting a paint-by-numbers, standard plan for success.  It’s about helping people define and achieve success on their own terms by expanding their thoughts and imagination of what’s possible. 


The learning and self-development gained through coaching is applicable in almost all areas of life, it ripples out from work to home to the broader community.  It will not only change the way you think but how you show up and how you are seen. 


Clarity, guidance and insight  


My coaching approach has been built on strong, evidence-based tools and techniques which have been proven through rigorous qualitative and quantitative research to be the most effective in their field.


During the coaching sessions I listen for what is said and give visibility to what isn’t said. I bring a non-judgemental perspective to people’s experiences and gently guide them to insight, understanding and clarity.

Duration:      6 Profession Coaching sessions over 7 hours (note 1st session is 2 hours) 

Interested to find out more or not sure which coaching service is best for you? Then let's chat.

Book in for a free no obligation 20 minute phone or video call with me by accessing my calendar directly via the link below.

Coaching With Me

Coaching With Me

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A true professional who challenged, inspired and motivated me to evolve in both my professional and personal life. I had the pleasure of working with Amanda at City of Adelaide, where she led the team through an Organisational Culture Change program, and when the assignment came to an end, I knew there was much more I wanted and needed to learn from her. Not long thereafter, I met with Amanda one on one and worked through the ‘Fit Mind’ coaching program. Amanda’s personable nature and ability to deliver thought provoking questions in a style tailored to me was comforting and enabled me to truly get the most out of my sessions. Amanda increased my levels of self-confidence, resilience and aided me to achieve personal, professional and lifestyle goals in 5 short months. As a mentee, Amanda earns my highest recommendation.

Stacey Evreniadis
Marketing Specialist
Local Government

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