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Optimise Innovation & Growth

I design and facilitate tailored workshops to solve problems and achieve results for organisations and teams.  My innovative and interactive approach to facilitating based on the latest in brain science research will change mindsets, beliefs and behaviours optimising decision making, innovation, collaboration and growth.

Workshop Examples;

  • Change Leadership - practical skills and knowledge focused on a leaders role and self-awareness in implementing change in a fast paced environment.

  • Build Better Teams - interactive approach for teams to become more innovative and inclusive in their approach to problem solving.

  • Coaching for Leaders - build a coaching culture to increase productivity and development.

  • Values for Work - establish boundaries and accountabilities for teams to maximise outcomes and deliverables.


Amandas workshop series is an excellent insight to not only apply a change management framework but the real pitfalls of not incorporating coaching and how much more effective implementation can be if we appreciate the brain chemistry (Neuroscience) that sits behind how we behave.

An intimate, practical and interactive workshop for change/business improvement professionals and any leader/employee who is working through change.

Highly recommended.

Athena Seltsikas
Partner People Development
ElectraNet Pty Ltd

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