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'The Foundation Series' of Coaching
Group coaching program for individuals - 5 Sessions 
Next program commences August 2021
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In my experience and work I have found 3 things to be foundational in your growth and development; how you think, working with your known and unknown strengths and understanding your values, they are all connected.  


When your thinking, strengths and values are aligned they create a strong foundation giving you the clarity, resilience and awareness to navigate your way through the most challenging situations.   

In the absence of these foundations, you are more likely to keep making the same mistakes, not see opportunities, disappear, have less influence or never realise your true potential.


So, I have created ‘The Foundation Series’ of coaching.  Because there are some fundamental things we need to learn and discover about ourselves if we truly want to be more effective, impactful and attract a greater level of satisfaction in who we are and the work we do.

Who is this for?

This 5 series coaching program is for anyone who;


  • Wants to become more effective and impactful as a leader to motivate and engage others.

  • Understands to be a great leader you must first start with your own self-development.

  • Feels stuck, overwhelmed or at a roadblock with something and cannot see the trees from the forest.

  • Over thinks or procrastinate with most things and everything becomes last minute with a rush to finish.

  • Feeling disengaged from doing the same thing for many years and is looking for a new direction but unsure what that is. 

  • Is tired of their current situation and wants to feel more energised, engaged and connected.

  • Has been thinking about working with a coach for sometime but doesn't want to commit to a long term program.

  • Generally, wants to increase their overall wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence.

The Sessions

Over 5 coaching sessions (3 x group sessions & 2 x private 1:1 sessions) you will experience a path of deep self-inquiry through the process and application of evidence based coaching techniques, tools and practices.  It is important the sessions feel personalised and safe so I have limited the number of participants for this coaching program to no more than 6 people.

Session 1

creating space

9.30am to 12.30pm

Group Coaching Format

  • How you think influences your behaviour, relationships and effectiveness . We measure your default thinking styles and habits using the Human Synergistics  Lifestyles Inventory (LSI 1).  

  • Learn how to create space between your thinking and your actions.  Through a guided coaching discussion  reflect on how your experiences, beliefs and perceptions have shaped the way you show up at work and in the world.  We challenge what you have always thought to be true but may not be serving your well.

  • Begin to set you intentions for the program using the "Personal Outomces Map'.

session 2

 1:1 coaching

1 hour private 1:1 session


  • During this first 1:1 coaching session we have very raw and honest discussion about your results and learnings from the LSI 1.

  • Using the 'Personal Outcomes Map' we start to get clear on what you are seeking and the work and support you need.  

  • We flip everything upside down to gently challenge your habits, thinking and biases to explore the 'What If'!

9.30am to 12.30pm

Group Coaching Format

  • The real work here is shining a light on and giving words to your 'unknown' strengths. The things we do and wave a hand at or dismiss  because we think everyone can do it.    Or the thing we want to try but only exists as a thought or idea in our head because, well who do we think we are?

  • We use the 'VIA Strengths' survey to explore and discuss how to work more with those strengths which energise you versus those that deplete or exhaust you. 

  • We integrate your personal values and see how they inform your decision making and set and maintain boundaries.

session 3

What energises

session 4

the integration

9.30am to 12.30pm

Group Coaching Format

  • We bring it all together during this session with a focus on integrating all of the foundational tools and work and see how it all connects and what it means for you. 

  • I give you my top 3 coaching tools which will help you to continue to navigate your way through the 'stickiest' of  situations and that you can always call on.  

  • Continue to build on our 'Personal Outcomes Map' incorporating our new coaching tools. 

session 5

1:1 Coaching

1 hour private 1:1 session

  • Our final 1:1 coaching discussion to finalise your 'Personal Outcomes Map' the blueprint of where you have come from and look ahead to 'where to from here'.  

  • Leave this session with a  clear vision and understanding of how will you continue to leverage your new foundations and  self-awareness  giving you the tools and confidence to go somewhere or do something new.


All of the sessions will be held at Intersect, 167 Flinders Street, Adelaide.

Whats Included
  • 3 x 3 hours of personalised group coaching sessions 

  • 2 x 1 hour private 1:1 coaching sessions with Amanda Sheedy 

  • Coaching workbook which includes the blueprint of the 'Personal Outcomes Map'

  • *Human Synergistics LifeStyles Inventory (LSI 1) diagnostic & detailed report

  • VIA Strengths survey & detailed report

  • Coaching tools, templates and other reference material used throughout the program​

Total Value = $3,200 AUD​


Total cost of the coaching program (5 sessions) is $1,595 + GST with payment options available

Register Your Interest

The next 'Program' commences at the end of August 2021. You can register your interest now by filling out the form below and we will be in touch once dates and times have been confirmed.

Registration Form

To register your interest for the coaching program, please fill out the information below.

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